How to get cron (scripts in crontab) started?

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Old 11-10-2014
How to get cron (scripts in crontab) started?


I have a query related to UNIX Crontab scripts -

Issue: Server space on the db server got 100% full as a result of which the cron scripts did not run. The space utilization issue got resolved in the afternoon. The crons scheduled for a time post the resolution caught up. However the scripts cronned early morning did not run.

Query: Is there a way/command to start the CRON so that the all of the jobs flow in sequence the same day(starting from the early morning ones which did not execute due to db issue) and do not have to be executed manually ?

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Old 11-10-2014
if the cron was not stopped there is no reason to start it - its independant of what it executes...
What has not been run due to issues can only be rescheduled... ( e.g. next day -so you only change the day... but if it ruins all you schedules you have no other choice do run them in sequence maually or sched them from now...)
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