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Rsync move with symlinks

rsync, shell scripts, symlinks

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Old 11-05-2014
Rsync move with symlinks

I use rsync to move from source to target, but there are cases that I need to exclude:
Suppose in my file system, I have a soft link ~/data -> /media/volgrp/data.
Under data folder, there is a file hello.txt.
After moving command "rsync --remove-source-files -aH --force ~/data/ /media/volgrp/data/"
I found that the hello.txt file is deleted, this is not what I want.
Is there any way to exclude this case?
Could some one provide me with a shell script to exclude, or to test whether two folders are actually the same folder?
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Old 11-05-2014
None of the many symlink related options work?
-l, --links copy symlinks as symlinks
-L, --copy-links transform symlink into referent file/dir
--copy-unsafe-links only "unsafe" symlinks are transformed
--safe-links ignore symlinks that point outside the tree
-k, --copy-dirlinks transform symlink to dir into referent dir
-K, --keep-dirlinks treat symlinked dir on receiver as dir
-H, --hard-links preserve hard links
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Old 11-05-2014
Originally Posted by DGPickett
None of the many symlink related options work?
I don't think they would work, fix me if incorrect
Instead, I Just found the "realpath" command in OS X and Linux, which could test whether the real paths of the source folder and target folder are identical.
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Old 11-07-2014
There is no substitute for reading the man pages and trying things out to get the behaviors you want. I am not quite sure what you want to achieve. Is this inside one machine, or is that just a test for a remote setup?
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