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How to identify week-1 and week-2

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Old 02-16-2006
How to identify week-1 and week-2

Hello Friends

I have three dirs

1. /home/main-bkup
2. /home/bkup-week1
3. /home/bkup-week2

Now we copy backups in 1 initially, then on 1st week we copy few content of 1 into 2 and then run some scripts on that. Then in 2nd week we keep 2 untouched and do the same thing in 3.

So I need to identify the way in my script to tell the script which shound be considered as week1 and which is week2. For simplicity say if this week (week of FEB 12 to FEB 18) is 1st week then next week (week of FEB 19 to FEB 25) will be week2. And after that week 1 will come back again, and so on ...

Now how should I tell the script to identify which is week 1 and week 2 and then week 1 again, so on ...

Ideas please ...

Thanks a lot to all in advance
C Saha
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Old 02-16-2006
what about,
rm week3
mv week2 week3
mv week1 week2
backup > week1

Then you don't need to keep track?

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