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File existence

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Old 11-04-2014
File existence

Hope someone can help me on this

In a directory ,files are dynamically generated.I need a script to do the following
if files are not received for more than 2 hours or if the received file is empty
then do something

How can I put that in a script.Thank you

eg. in cd /dir_name the files are like below

 name                       date                   size
 xyz123                   20141104   05:07                578
 xyz233                   20141003   04:10                 432
 xyz567                   20140907   03:15                 987

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Old 11-04-2014

You can check a file exists and is greater than zero length using;

if [ -s "/path/to/filename" ]



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Old 11-04-2014

I want to check the file existence for last 2 hrs ie.current time-n hrs
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Old 11-04-2014
hi dave,how can i check that the file existence with time .if file not received for more than 2 hrs ie current time - 2 hrs.
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Old 11-04-2014
Test a certain file if older than 2 hours:
found=`find "$file" -prune -mmin +120`
if [ -n "$found" ]; then
 echo "$file is older than 2 hours

Test if any file is older that 2 hours or empty:
found=`find "$dir" -type f \( -mmin +120 -o -size 0 \)`
if [ -n "$found" ]; then
 echo "There are files older than 2 hours OR with size 0:

NB size 0 is typically a new file that is just being created.

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Old 11-12-2014
Hi,thanks for replying to my post.the above script will return files which is older than 2 hours or empty.I want a script to monitor a folder for new incoming files. if the folder has empty/incomplete file in last 2 hours then trigger something.

i can have a cron to check the folder for incoming new files

while [ 1 ]; do                        
  if [ -e /dir_name/*.txt ];
    echo "File is found"             
    exit 0
  sleep 60

but the above code would list all *.txt files when cron job is invoked.the folder is not empty.
in my folder i have files like

But I want a script that checks my folder for incoming files.If the folder has empty/incomplete file in last 2 hours then trigger something.


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Old 11-12-2014
What about adapting MadeInGermany's fine proposal to fit your needs?

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