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Function Issues

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Old 10-16-2014
Function Issues

I am converting English letters/words/punctuation in leet speak. My current script works just fine, but when I call the functions it seem to be bypassing my second function altogether. I am new to shell scripting so excuse me if its an easy fix.

Also, when using SED for whole word phrases like 'are' or a punctuation mark like '.' is sed -e still appropriate or should I be using another command like -i (insert)?



echo 'Enter String'

sed -e 's/a/4/g' -e 's/b/8/g' -e 's/c/(/g' -e 's/d/|)/g' -e 's/e/3/g' -e 's/f/ph/g' -e 's/g/9/g' -e 's/h/#/g' -e 's/i/!/g' -e 's/j/;/g' -e 's/k/x/g' -e 's/l/1/g' -e 's/m/^^/g' -e 's/n/~/g' -e 's/o/0/g' -e 's/p/|*/g' -e 's/q/0_/g' -e 's/r/|2/g' -e 's/s/5/g' -e 's/t/7/g' -e 's/u/|_|/g' -e 's/v/\//g' -e 's/w/vv/g' -e 's/x/></g' -e 's/y/j/g' -e 's/z/2/g' $INPUT

word ()
sed -e 's/ee/ea/' $INPUT



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Old 10-16-2014
To me it seems you had simply forgotten the trailing g for sed within the word function Smilie

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Old 10-16-2014
Sure it's bypassed? Or, as it is called first, could it be overwritten? You are running both functions on the same unmodified input.
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Old 10-16-2014
Script is fine you need to call the script with file as argument .
sh input_file
if you wish to get the input conversion, rather using $INPUT at end of sed use echo statement will do the result
read INPUT
echo $INPUT |sed ...
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Old 10-16-2014
That what I was thinking. Do I need to make another variable? For example, 'input2'. It is definitely overwriting whatever function I call first.

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Originally Posted by posix
Script is fine you need to call the script with file as argument .
sh input_file
if you wish to get the input conversion, rather using $INPUT at end of sed use echo statement will do the result
read INPUT
echo $INPUT |sed ...
Thank you I will try this and let you know if it works. I am expecting user input not a file, would that have any effect on the example you provided?

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