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Grep output to awk command

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Old 09-24-2014
Grep output to awk command

Hi Team(Solaris 5.8/Ksh),

How can we save grep output to awk variable when grep returns more than one line or word.
[Makarand] # more abc.log
Hi Makarand
How r u
bye Makarand

when grep returns only 1 word below command works
nawk -v var=`cat abc.log |grep "Hello"` 'BEGIN { if (var != "") {print var;exit;}}'

output Hello
When grep command returns more than one word or more than one line it fails
nawk -v var=`cat abc.log |grep "Hi"` 'BEGIN { if (var != "") {print var;exit;}}'

nawk: can't open file BEGIN { if (var != "") {print var;exit;}}
source line number 1

nawk -v var=`cat abc.log |grep "Makarand"` 'BEGIN { if (var != "") {print var;exit;}}'

nawk: can't open file BEGIN { if ("var" != "") {print var;exit;}}
source line number 1

how to store & compare multiline or multi word grep output in awk variable???

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Old 09-24-2014
There is no need to use cat or grep with awk.

What are you exactly trying to accomplish?

Maybe using arrays would help you. For example to store all lines containing the word "Makarand" into an array, you can use:

awk '/Makarand/{array[$0]};END{for (x in array) print x}' abc.log

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Old 09-24-2014
Just enclose the var in quotes:
awk -v var="`cat kk2 |grep "Makarand"`" 'BEGIN { if (var != "") {print var;exit;}}'

As @pilnet101 points , your code is getting messy. Smilie
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Old 09-24-2014
Note: I moved the double quotes...

nawk -v var="`cat abc.log |grep Hi`" 'BEGIN { if (var != "") {print var;exit;}}'

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Old 09-24-2014
thanks mates for responses
i want to grep word Makarand if found i want to mail the grep output to my email....if doest not found .. do nothing...
I tried in below way but not working
nawk -v var="`cat abc.log |grep Makarand`" 'BEGIN { if (var != "")  {system "print var | mailx -s "Found something"" |getline users;print users}}'

Note: 1) Grep out put can be multiline
2) I have to grep only once...
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Old 09-24-2014
Is there any need to use awk here? Can't you just use grep and the mailx command alone?

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How about something like:

var=$(grep Makarand abc.log)  
[[ ! -z "${var}" ]] && {
        echo "${var}"|mailx -s "Found something""|echo "${var}"|head -1        

This User Gave Thanks to pilnet101 For This Post:
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Old 09-24-2014
actualy it is some other user's post which i was trying to solve...i will reply to him..anyways thanks

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