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Speed : awk command to count the occurrences of fields from one file present in the other file

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Old 09-04-2014
Speed : awk command to count the occurrences of fields from one file present in the other file




i need the count of rows of file1.txt present in the file2.txt
required output:

these are sample files

i cannot copy the original contents here as its a sensitive data
original file1.txt lines are 11142
original file2.txt lines are 602866

for this scenario i have written some awk commands
but they are very slow, please help me to improve the speed of the command

awk '{ if(NR==FNR) { arr1[FNR]=$0;count1++;next }
          if(NR!=FNR) { count=0
                             for(i=1;i<=count;i++) { if (arr1[i] ~ $0)
                                                               { count ++ }
                             print $0,count
        } file2.txt file1.txt

in the real time this took 1 1/2 hour to execute

awk 'NR==FNR{ arr[count]=$0;count++ }
       NR!=FNR{ for(i=0;i<count;i++)
                       if( index($0,arr[i])!=0 ) { arr_count[i]++ }
       END{ for(i=0;i<count;I++)
                 print arr[i],arrcount[i]
             }' file1.txt file2.txt

this took around 1 hour to execute

please advice to improve the speed of the awk

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Mod Comment Please use code tags next time for your code and data. Thanks

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Old 09-04-2014
If a line in file2.txt has 2 matching patterns, what do you want to do
let's say, second line in file2.txt is bca|BBB|AAA|fwfwwefwef

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Old 09-04-2014
I would use a slightly different approach

awk 'NR==FNR{C[$1]=0; next}{for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) if ($i in C) C[$i]++} END{for(i in C) print i, C[i]}' file1 FS=\| file2

You could also do it the other way around, but that will use a lot more memory, while the order will be preserved..:
awk 'NR==FNR {for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) C[$i]++; next} $1 in C{print $1, C[$1]}' FS=\| file2 file1

If possible, try to use mawk since that will usually be fastest..

A very different approach:
tr -s '|' '\n' < file2 | grep -xFf file1 - | sort | uniq -c

or in bash / ksh93 you could also use
grep -xFf file1 <(tr -s '|' '\n' < file2) | sort | uniq -c

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Old 09-04-2014
@ SriniShoo SriniShoo
It will not be the case
that will not happen in the real time , so dont consider that scenario
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Old 09-04-2014
Originally Posted by mdkm
@ SriniShoo SriniShoo
It will not be the case
that will not happen in the real time , so dont consider that scenario
awk 'NR == FNR {a[$1]; next} {for(x in a) {if($0 ~ "(^||)" x "(||$)") {a[x]++; next}}} END {for(x in a) print x, a[x]}' file1 file2

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Old 09-04-2014

Following may help in same.

awk 'NR==FNR{a[$1]=$1;next} {for(i=1;i<=NF;i++){if($i == a[$i]){v[$i]++}}} END{for(l in v){print l OFS v[l]}}' file FS="|" file2

Output will be as follows.


R. Singh
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Old 09-05-2014
@scritinizer : what if the data in the file1 has

Z H4
M H4

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