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Filter output in curl

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Filter output in curl

Hello guys,

I'm writing a little script which sends me sms with my shell script via api of a sms provider.

problem is I can't filter my curl output for this site:

site url:

this is what i got so far, but I don't know how to filter everything out, I just want the times and also only the "ab time" like
05:08 ab

echo "Now:" `date +%H:%M:%S`
for URL in $URLS; do
echo "$URL:" | sed 's/.*=.*=/Route /'
curl -s $URL \


# 2  
Once again I haul out my micro xml parser for these questions... It looks like you want the contents of the very first <div class="planed">...</div> block.

$ cat planed.xml


NR==1 { next } # The first "line" is blank when RS=<
/^[!?]/ {       next    }               # Skip XML specification junk
{       gsub(/[\r\n]*$/, " ");  }       # Clean up newlines

# Handle open-tags
match($0, /^[^\/ \r\n\t>]+/) {
        TAG=substr(toupper($1), RSTART, RLENGTH);
        TAGS=TAG "%" TAGS;

# Handle close-tags
/^[\/]/ {
        sub(/^\//, "", $1);
        sub("^.*" toupper($1) "%", "", TAGS);

(TAGS ~ /^DIV%/) && ($1 ~ /planed/) {
        gsub(/[\r\n]/, "", $2);
        print $2;

$ awk -f planed.awk input.html

05:08 ab


The code highlighted in red is the statement which extracts the tag you want. The rest is generic XML parsing code.

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