Help with fetching the data from remote machine from my jumpbox(local machine)

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Old 08-08-2014
Help with fetching the data from remote machine from my jumpbox(local machine)


Presently i am running a script from my local box(i.e jumpbox) to all the remote machines.Basically fetching basic queries like pwd,mkdir,touch etc and i am able to successfully fetch it from my local machine.But when i want to check certain database related queries like the dbstat command,calling particular shell script on the remote server from my local machine i am not able to fetch says path and directory not found.

from my local machine i fetch the below command
ssh <remote machine name> 'bash-s' < 'my script'

content of my script as below
echo "++check the pwd directory++"
echo "+++ swith to user abc+++"
sudo su - abc
echo "+++ execute the script as user abc+++"
echo "+++ check the db status as user abc+++"

Unfortunately i am unable to fetch the details for the database status and the shell script executed on the remote machine.Hence need you kind assistance.


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Old 08-08-2014
What's the remote user's PATH on the remote machine?
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Old 08-08-2014
the remote user path is a below

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Old 08-08-2014
When you sudo su - abc, do you get prompted for a password?
Would ./home/abc/ work?
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Old 08-08-2014
Hi Junior,

When you sudo su - abc , do you get prompted for a password?
No, I am already logged in, it does not prompt me.

Would ./home/abc/ work?

Between, all the above commands are run from external box(jumpbox)

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Old 08-08-2014
Hi Whizkid,
yes, your logged in on the remote machine, but with the same user as on your jumpbox, right?
Check this with the whoami command before or after the pwd command in "my script".

With su - abc you (want to) become another user, namely abc.
Usually one needs to provide a password for the new user, unless you run the su command with root user.

I suggest to place the whoami command between su - abc and /home/abc/, so you can see if the su command was successful.

This may ease further troubleshooting...

Hope this helps.
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Old 08-08-2014
Hi Junior,

I am already logged in with user abc..but have difficulties running scripts (ending with .sh) or any database commands like (dbstat) from external system.

Rest all are meeting my expectations

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