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How to capture system() function output in variable

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to capture system() function output in variable
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Old 07-31-2014
How to capture system() function output in variable

How to capture system() function output in awk variable and the print that awk variable.....
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Old 07-31-2014
A system() function is a shell.
If the order doesn't matter,
it is usually better to first start with a shell, then invoke awk from there and pass arguments. Example:
x=$(whatever command)
awk -v x="$x" 'awk code can use the x variable'

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Old 07-31-2014
Yeah I agree with you...but I want to know how to store result of system() function..........
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Old 07-31-2014
All you can capture into a variable is the exit code of the command executed by the system function, like A=system("ls"). The output of ls is printed to stdout immediately.
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Old 07-31-2014
Ha soo we cannot capture commands output instead of status.....okay thanks for quick reply

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Soo there is no way to capture result? ????SmilieSmilieSmilieSmilie
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Old 07-31-2014
You can store the output of an external command invoked from inside awk,
but you should not use the system function for that:
zsh-5.0.2[user]% awk 'BEGIN { "date" | getline dt; print "Got", dt }'
Got Thu, Jul 31, 2014  1:36:47 PM

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Old 07-31-2014
SmilieSmilieSmilie thanks

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