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Count no of netstat states

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Old 07-30-2014
Count no of netstat states

netstat | awk  '/server/ {for(i=1;i<2;i++) {getline;print}' 

From the above command I'm getting all the states. I want to count the states and write to a file, like
"Count of ESTABLISHED is: 5"
"Count of TIME_WAIT is : 2"

How to count in awk, other than passing the output to grep and using -c option.
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Old 07-30-2014
Looks like you managed to print just the state of each server.
Now, try to push each state as the key in an associative array and keep incrementing the value each time you find the same state in the array keys.
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Old 07-30-2014
Here is my own little concoction I use for such things.
Produces output like:
host                    total   FIN_WAIT2 ESTABLISHED   |           1           0           1    |           1           0           1      |           7           6           1
total           |           9           6           3


use strict;
my ($Proto, $Recv, $Send, $Local, $Foreign, $State);
my ($local, $foreign, $f_port, $l_port);
my $db = {};
my $stats = {};
our $verbose = 1;

open NETSTAT,  "netstat -nt |" or die "netstat:$!\n"; 

my $headers = my $h = 2;
<NETSTAT> while ($h--);

while (<NETSTAT>) {

    ($Proto, $Recv, $Send, $Local, $Foreign, $State) = split;

    foreach my $grep (@ARGV) {
        next LOOP unless /$grep/;

    print if $verbose ;

    ($foreign, $f_port) = split ':', $Foreign;
    ($local, $l_port) = split ':', $Local;


    $db->{$foreign}->{connections}++ ;
    $db->{total}->{connections}++ ;

@STATES = (keys %$stats);
printf "=====================================\n";
printf "%-16s %12s", "host", "total";
map { printf "%12s", $_ } @STATES;
print "\n";

foreach my $h (sort keys %$db) {
    printf "%-16s|", $h;
    printf "%12d",  $db->{$h}->{connections};
    foreach my $s (@STATES) {
        my $state = $db->{$h}->{states}->{$s} +  0; 
        printf "%12d",  $state;
    print "\n";


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Old 07-30-2014
netstat -antu | awk '/LISTEN|ESTABLISHED|TIME_WAIT/{a[$6]++}; END { for(b in a) print "Count of "b" is: "a[b]}'

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Old 07-31-2014
Hi in2nix4life,

Thanks for your reply,

-antu option is not working in ksh.

I used
netstat -a

which gave me the below output.

tcp 0 0 server1.00000 server2.00000 ESTABLISHED

from that I used ur suggestion which produced the below o/p:
netstat -a | grep server1 |  awk '/LISTEN|ESTABLISHED|TIME_WAIT/{a[$6]++}; END { for(b in a) print "Count of "b" is: "a[b]}' 
Count of LISTEN is:2
Count of ESTABLISHED is: 18
Count of TIME_WAIT is: 5

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Old 07-31-2014
You can merge the grep behavior into the awk code and get rid of the invocation of grep:
netstat -a | awk '/server/ && /LISTEN|ESTABLISHED|TIME_WAIT/{a[$6]++}; END { for(b in a) print "Count of "b" is: "a[b]}'

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Old 07-31-2014
Thanks Don Cragun.

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