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Help with netstat traffic server command

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Help with netstat traffic server command
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Display Help with netstat traffic server command

Help required for creating a unix shell script using netstat command for retrieving total traffic in Kbytes with the source and destination address.
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What have you tried
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netstat 2000 >monitor.txt

awk 'BEGIN { print "Type\t\tSource Site\t\tDestination Site\t\tTotal Traffic Size\t\tCycle\t\tRate\n--------------------"; }
{print $1,"\t\t",$4,"\t\t",$5,"\t\t",%5.2f,"\t\t",2000,"\t\t",%5.2f(($2+$3)/1024)/$2000\n ;}
END{print "completed" ;}' >
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What's the issue / error you face with the above command
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No not faced error but not sure whether the $2 and $3 are the correct value for the value expected. $2 is rec-q and $3 is send-q.

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