Shell script to find files in dir and updation

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Shell script to find files in dir and updation


I have the shell script requirement mentioned below :

List all java and c files or all files in directory and sub directories’ in folder structure in current dir.

then search for pattren1 in all files globally and replace with other string .

And also check the date and author of the files and change to current date and author as unixadmin

can any one pls help .
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What you done so far ?
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I tried with below mentioned code and executing script in current dir it's not working .

find $HOME -type f | ls file
 while read file 
    echo $file;
    sed -i 's/ admin$/unixadmin/ /g'  $file
    sed -i 's/ date$/`date +_%m_%d_%y_%H_%M`/ /g' $file

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Not sure what's not working, but try to remove the " /" in front of the g. sed needs the command to read like s/.../.../g
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