How to add decimal month to some month in sql, php, perl, bash, sh?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to add decimal month to some month in sql, php, perl, bash, sh?
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How to add decimal month to some month in sql, php, perl, bash, sh?


i`m looking for some way to add to some date an partial number of months, for example to 2015y 02m 27d + 2,54m

i need to write this script in php or bash or sh or mysql or perl in normal time o unix time

i`m asking or there are any simple way to add partial number of month to some other fixed date?
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Welcome to the forums. Is this homework?
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no, it`s for my web page

i tryed to do that in php in this way:

i keept in mind that all months have 31 days and after adding 2 moths ( in my example 2.54 ) ( never mind to wich date ) i calculated how much days i should take of ( for example if month 2 have 28 days and i keept in mind that all month have 31 days so for that month i must take - 3 days ) and after that i added thous 0.54 of that month days.

but its dificult to test all posibilities of errors and in some ways i get few days in answer bad.

i got errors when i was calculated end of months wich ones have 30;29;28 days

so in php my experianse is to week, but i practise bash sh languages, so i`m asking meaby there is any simple way to calculate it ( meaby use unix time ( meaby it have some extensions for it ) ) in bash sh ( if yes then ill simple from my web page will shell_exec to bash and ill take the values from it )
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Please write your query clearly, try something like this just an example, remaining digits after decimal you have to convert to days and then you have to add .

$ php -r 'date_default_timezone_set("GMT"); echo date("Y-m-d H:i:s",strtotime("+1 months",strtotime(date("Y-m-d H:i:s"))))."\n" ;'

2014-07-02 12:51:07

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can you give me exaple:

to date 2015-03-30 + 11 months


to date 2015-02-27 + 3.3725 months

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I'm afraid you're heading a bit off target: there's an uncertainty to a month's length of 10% (3 days in 30), and you want to calculate a date to 500 ppm (which is some 20 min), starting from a date that has an uncertainty of 24h to it (assuming midnight of the day indicated).
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i just want to ask or there are any simple way to add to some date partial of month

for example to 2015-02-27 22:22:22 + 3.3429 of month

i searched google and i found only excel Smilie my web page runs on linux mashie so i can calculate it on php, bash, sh, perl, ruby, and so on

i need it becouse i want to recalculate expiration date of some service that is sold to client

for example client have service wich one cost X/month, hes service expires on date yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss and he want to change his service to diferent one wich one cost diferent price, so i need to get new expiration date, problem is that that each month have diferent number of days, so to calculate how much cost 1 second of his service is dificult.

btw sory for bad english

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