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korn shell question

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Old 01-27-2006
Question korn shell question

Hi all,

I am trying to tweak my ksh , i am running V: Version M-11/16/88i

I have my Backspace and up/down arrows working using the following code in my ~/.profile file.

set -o emacs

alias __A=$(print '\020' )
alias __B=$(print '\016' )
alias __C=$(print '\006' )
alias __D=$(print '\002' )

Question: Been searching around with no luck, anyone know how to map tab-completion, I know it works by pressing ESC ESC. Is there anyway to map the ESC ESC to the TAB Key??? Trying alias, key-binding, not sure what I'm doing Smilie

Thanks in advance! Smilie
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Old 01-27-2006
I do not believe that is possible. key bindings arrived in ksh93. I would expect that you won't have much luck with ksh88. I have never tried key bindings but I think it should be possible with that feature.
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Old 01-27-2006
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Thanks for the reply,

If I tried cat /etc/shells and the file cannot be opened , does this mean I only can use ksh?

As a CSE student we always used Bash, and now I just got a new job and this was the default shell, so I wanted to use it, I am not sure if I have to or not.

Again, thanks for any help in advance.
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Old 01-27-2006
/etc/shells has little to do with whether or not you can use bash. /etc/shells is used by ftp and maybe by chsh. If you don't have bash on your system adding bash to /etc/shells won't help much. Type "bash" and see if you have it. But you should ask your system administrator. bash could be in some unusual location. And your company could have some odd rules... we oftem see a "no freeware" rule mentioned in various posts.

If /etc/shells does not exist, everything will act as if it did exist with a default list of shells. That list can vary from system to system. "man getusershell" will usually have that list.
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Old 02-22-2006
korn shell question

Hi all,
I want to write a korn shell script that takes as input a direcity and makes a copy of pointers for the whole hierarchy of the input directory.
For example If i have a directory names foo and i want to copy it the command must be ksh foo goo (ksh -source -destination).The subdirectories must be created of the source and the files in that directory must be linked...
For linkage I try that (ln -s file-name link-name) that creates a pointer from directory to a file.
I want to bulid all hierarchy of that folder by creating all the subdirectories and linking all the files...
Thanx Smilie

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