awk working inside specific pattern ranges

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awk working inside specific pattern ranges


I have a text file, which I am trying to parse.

File contents:
Id Job1
Id Stage1
Id Job2
Id Stage2
Id2 Job3
Id Stage4

I have to process the data in this between every BEG and EN. so I am trying to restrict the range and inside every range, Is there a way to define another range like below..

awk '/BEG/,/EN/ {
/BEG/,/ID/ {print $2}}' file

The reason is that there are so many lines with same keyword, I just need the very first one.

And also there are many subsets inside BEG and EN (not shown in sample file) so I need to process the lines between these in groups inside every BEG and EN which would be easier if there was a way to recursively define pattern rangers inside awk.

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A range only works outside of all { } so nesting is impossible.
A workaround:
awk '/BEG/,/EN/ {
 if (/BEG/) {block=1}
 if (block==1) {print $2}
 if (/ID/) {block=0}
}' file

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