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Old 05-02-2014
Lightbulb Shell script - group by

I have text file as shown below.

root 25 oracle 25  batch 30  griduser 32 admin 35
root 25 oracle 25  batch 30  griduser 32
oracle 25  batch 30  griduser 32 xuser 45 admin 35

I want to group by based on user name, and the output need to be as below. Not necessary the username to be in order, but group by has to be done based on the username value.

root 50 oracle 75  batch 90  griduser 64 user 45 admin 70

Please help.

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typo error, pasting the correct output

root 50 oracle 75 batch 90 griduser 96 user 45 admin 70

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Old 05-02-2014
Show us what you have tried so far to resolve this problem.
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Old 05-02-2014
RC=`awk 'END { print NR }' $FILENAME`
RC=`expr $RC`
if [ "$RC" -ge 4 ]; then
       until [ $OBJNO -eq $SETVAL ]; do
             DATAVAL=`cat $FILENAME | awk '{a[$'$FIELD1']+=$'$FIELD2'}END{for(i in a)print i,",",int((int(a[i])/NR))}' `
             SETVAL=`expr $SETVAL + 1`
             FIELD1=`expr $FIELD1 + 2`
             FIELD2=`expr $FIELD2 + 2`
     echo $OBJDETAIL

This code works when file has same username in the enitre field, now requirement changed.

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Old 05-02-2014
Please use code tags for posting code fragments or data samples.

Here is an awk approach:
awk '
                for ( i = 1; i <= NF; i += 2 )
                        A[$i] += $( i + 1 )
        END {
                for ( k in A )
                        printf "%s %s ", k, A[k]
                printf "\n"
' file

This User Gave Thanks to Yoda For This Post:
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Old 05-05-2014

Thanks, this is a great approach. It worked for me.
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Old 05-05-2014
A python:
# cat
#!/usr/bin/env python
import re

text = '''root 25 oracle 25  batch 30  griduser 32 admin 35
root 25 oracle 25  batch 30  griduser 32
oracle 25  batch 30  griduser 32 xuser 45 admin 35'''

users = {}

for k,v in [i for i in re.findall('(?:([a-z]+)\s+(\d+))',text)]:
    if k in users:
        users[k] += int(v)
        users[k] = int(v)
print users

# ./  
{'admin': 70, 'griduser': 96, 'xuser': 45, 'batch': 90, 'oracle': 75, 'root': 50}

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Old 05-05-2014
Below Awk sum the value correctly based on username, but not dividing the sum of values based on number of rows of user name. I need something like
root 50 oracle 75 .......can anyone shed some light please?
awk '        {                for ( i = 1; i <= NF; i += 2 )                        A[$i] += $( i + 1 )        }        END {                for ( k in A )                        printf "%s %s ", k, A[k]                printf "\n"        }' file

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