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Format the output of file

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# 1  
Old 01-24-2006
Format the output of file

hello all

Script and example of file
#sh /users/testsuite/db/appl/

DATE=`date '+20%y-%m-%d'`
echo $DATE
for i in ${1}/$DATE/* ; do
find $i -name daily -prune -o -name run.log -print -exec grep -c ! {} \; done > test.log.

The test.log contains output like this


But i want to cut and format my file like this

Date : 2006-01-24

Version Host Fails
Devel Sun 19
Devel Linu 20
9 Sun 10
8 Sun 19

Please help me to modify this script
. I have to show this staticts on web . Thanks a lot
# 2  
Old 01-24-2006
$cat test.log | paste - - | tr "/" " " | cut -d" " -f7,8,10
Devel Sun 19
Devel Linus 20
9 Sun 10
8 Sun 19
# 3  
Old 01-24-2006
it is not working
error is cut :invalide delimiter ..

pls help me
# 4  
Old 01-24-2006
can you copy and post what you have typed here....
space is a valid delimiter and cut can't say it as invalid delimiter...

it should work...

however try this...

cat test.log | paste - - | nawk 'BEGIN { FS="[/ ]" } { print $7,$8,$10 }'
# 5  
Old 01-24-2006
cat test.log |paste - - | tr "/""" | cut -d"" -f7,8,10 >newtest

i tried to only replace / with spaces that is also not working
# 6  
Old 01-24-2006
can you please compare the statement what i have posted and what you have typed...

copy both the lines in notepad and compare character by character..
you will know what mistake you have done...
# 7  
Old 01-24-2006
sorry i didnt put space that's why it was giving me error
the first command is working..

but i am not getting number of failes .. because it is in second line ..
i am getting colunm 7 and 8 ..

can you tell me how to join the 2 lines..

i think i have to join first lines and then cut the data from file ..

pls write back
and thanks for helping me

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