How to schedule a shell script in Linux centos?

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How to schedule a shell script in Linux centos?

Hi All,

I have a script that I need to schedule on daily basis. How can I schedule a script in centos. Like I want to run that script evryday at 10 AM and can I store the output of the script in a log file.


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To schedule a script, you'll need to use crontab. You can add a schedule entry by doing:

crontab -e

Once you are inside, the cron accepts pattern in the form:

<Minute> <Hour> <Day> <Month> <Day of Week> <Command>

So a correct crontab entry for 10am would be

0 10 * * * /path/to/script

If you want to capture the output you can specify the logfile inside cron like
0 10 * * * /path/to/script > /path/to/log/output.log

Just ensure you put a she-bang header in your script. Alternatively, you can specify the shell interpreter inside cron by saying:

0 10 * * * bash /path/to/script > /path/to/log/output.log

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