Command to extract word from a string

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# 1  
Command to extract word from a string

Hi All,

I have a word and from that word would like to search for certain set of string, is there any command to do so ?

EX :


from the above word, would like to search for strings set and extract the search string and then do if stmt...


say something like this,


result=grep Com $search_word

and in $result i want the just the extracted word ie, result=Com

# 2  
try something like below

if [ `awk 'BEGIN { print index("Component", "Com") }'` -gt 0 ]
echo "Com"

# 3  
Totally longhand using __builtins__, CygWin bash under Windows Vista...
All done with understandable variables so you can see how it works...
my_string="This is a component catalogue..."
substring="a c"
for subscript in $( seq 0 1 $(( ${#my_string} - 3 )) )
	if [ "${my_string:$subscript:$substring_length}" == "$substring" ]
		echo "Substring ~$substring~ found in ~$my_string~ at position $(( $subscript + 1 ))..."
exit 0

result for string "a c"...
AMIGA:~> cd /tmp
AMIGA:/tmp> dos2unix
dos2unix: converting file to Unix format ...
AMIGA:/tmp> ./
Substring ~a c~ found in ~This is a component catalogue...~ at position 9...
AMIGA:/tmp> _

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