Echo cannot redirect first or second output to logfile

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Old 03-31-2014
Originally Posted by duke0001
Yes, the original script was created on my laptop. The upload to a web file repository. Then I log into another Virtual machine. Download script to this virtual machine. Then I used WinSCP copy the script to Solaris Server. After that, I used vi to edit the file and added log file and echo code to redirect output to logfile. Does this affect script work? Any other suggestion? Thanks.
"set -x" on the top of the script, just after the #!/bin/ksh or whatever shell you use. Thne check on the output's run where is the error.
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Old 03-31-2014
resolve the issue. The problem is the order of coding. I put rm $LOGFILE in front of echo $STARTTIME. Of course, the file has been rrmoved, then create again with other echo redirect info. This is why I cannot see first and second echo line. Thanks for input.
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