How to find the any log which is not updated since particular date?

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Old 03-28-2014
How to find the any log which is not updated since particular date?


Iam running with one issue, since particular date looks like one of the script vanished from the system after restarting of the system.
I dont know which scrit it was but definatelt there should be one.
but might be some logs would be there which have not updated from that day.

so here i my query how i find a particular log which is not updated from that day means consider 03rd nov 2013.

so log may be updated on 03rd nov 2013 but after system restartbut 4th onwards that scripts log not have been updated...

any command to find that log which is not updated from 04th nov but it was updated til 03rd nov.
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Old 03-28-2014
Create a file with Nov 4th, 00:00:00 timestamp and check all .log files if they are updated later.

touch -t 201311040000.00 reference_file
for i in *.log
if [[ ! ${i} -nt reference_file ]]; then
echo ${i}

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Old 03-28-2014
Here is another way to do what SriniShoo suggested that doesn't depend on all of the log files being in a single directory. Assuming you know the root directories under which your log files are stored and that your log files have filenames ending in .log, you could try something like:
trap 'rm -f "$ref_file"' EXIT
touch -t201311050000 "$ref_file"
find /list/of/directories/containing/logfiles ! -newer "$ref_file" -name '*.log'

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