Help with computing median line by line of several files.

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Old 03-25-2014
Help with computing median line by line of several files.

I have several files which look like this. The files are much longer than this, I have just cut out the data and there are hundreds of these files
file 1
 0.00   5.905 
 0.05   5.740 
 0.10   5.570 
 0.15   5.440 
 0.20   5.310 
 0.25   5.185 
 0.30   5.075 
 0.35   5.897 
 0.40   6.883 

file 2
 0.00   8.510 
 0.05   8.130 
 0.10   7.730 
 0.15   7.390 
 0.20   7.120 
 0.25   6.850 
 0.30   9.877 
 0.35   9.463 
 0.40   9.063 

file 3 
 0.00   5.515 
 0.05   5.375 
 0.10   5.300 
 0.15   5.200 
 0.20   4.710 
 0.25   5.280 
 0.30   5.147 
 0.35   5.055 
 0.40   4.968

I need to compute the median values of column 2 for each line... that is.. I want to get value of column 2 of each line from the different files and find the median of these values then go to the line 2 of each file and get values of column 2 and find the median and so on .... All the files have exactly equal length and the values of column 1 are the same for each file.

The output should contain column 1 values and the median value computed from the column 2 values of the different files
that is
 0.00   median of (5.905, 8.510, 5.515) 
 0.05   median of (5.740, 8.130, 5.375) 
 0.10   median of (5.570, 7.730, 5.300) 
 0.15   median of (5.440, 7.390, 5.200) 
 0.20   median of (5.310, 7.120, 4.710) 
 0.25   median of (5.185, 6.850, 5.280) 
 0.30   median of (5.075, 9.877, 5.147) 
 0.35   median of (5.897, 9.463, 5.055) 
 0.40   median of (6.883, 9.063, 4.968)

Thank you
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Old 03-25-2014
Depending on the amount of memory your system has and how big/how many these files are you may have trouble getting all the data into some sort of two-dimensional array. Construct a single file with all the columns put together (similar to your sample result) in this case. You can use the "paste" utility to do so.

Notice, that to paste files they have to be sorted before. Looking at column 1 of your samples they appear to be already.

I hope this helps.

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Old 03-25-2014
awk '{a[$1] = (a[$1] == "") ? $2 : (a[$1] "|" $2)}
  END {for(x in a)
    {split(a[x], b, "|"); n=asort(b, c);
 if(n % 2 == 1)
   {m = c[int(n /2) + 1]}
   {m = (c[int(n /2)] + c[int(n /2) + 1]) / 2};
 print x, m}}' file* | sort -n -k1

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Old 03-26-2014
Thank you Bakunin and SriniShoo,

I have tried your solution SriniShoo and I am trying it again to be absolutely sure it is doing the right thing

Thank you

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I have tested this SriniShoo! thanks it works and thank you again....
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