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Old 03-21-2014
Originally Posted by jim mcnamara
This thread is confusing. There is a simple way to find files of a given "age".
The basic idea is:
touch -t [min allowable time in past] dummy1   # youngest filetime to find
touch -t [ max allowable time int the past ] dummy2  # oldest filetime to find
find . -type f \( ! -newer dummy1 -a -newer dummy2 \)

Bracket around some time requirement. You can find all files 1 hour and older, say up to 5 days. This seems to be what you want.

Except the way the problem is stated the answer is not clear. At least to me.
Yeah i have a version like this as well, thanks for taking the time to reply....

my question although very long winded this the best approach...and am i complicating things....was looking for the best ideas to get the result i want. I have a habbit of doing very complicated scripts to do something that can easily done by looking at it in a diff way. On my system it seems like i may be taking the correct approach. As we know unix has many ways to do the same thing.

I may automate the entire thing and start from scratch....just complicates things as i have to check file sizes and matching miles from another system.
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