Output encoding in copy with ant is not working

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Old 03-19-2014
Output encoding in copy with ant is not working

Not sure whether I can post 'ant' related question here.
There is a requirement to convert files to UTF-8 format.

So, I tried this simple ant script.

<project name="try_copy" basedir="." default="copy_this">

        <target name="copy_this">
        <copy file="myfile.txt" tofile="mycopy.txt" encoding="ASCII" outputencoding="UTF-8" />


But even after this, output encoding is not UTF-8 in output file.

What am I doing wrong?
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Old 03-19-2014
ASCII is a subset of UTF-8. All symbols that can be expressed in ASCII are encoded in the same way in UTF-8.
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Old 03-19-2014
Thanks for the reply. UTF-8 has 3 bytes header before actual data.

anandb ~ $ od -c file-in-UTF-8-format.txt
0000000 357 273 277   U   T   F   -   8       f   o   r   m   a   t

I gave normal file as input and was expecting same data but with header.

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