Want to remove a line feed depending on number of tabs in a line

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Want to remove a line feed depending on number of tabs in a line

Hi! I have been struggling with a large file that has stray end of line characters.

I am working on a Mac (Lion). I mention this only because I have been mucking around with fixing my problem using sed, and I have learned far more than I wanted to know about Unix and Mac eol characters.

I can identify easily the number of tabs in each line:

awk '{print gsub(/\t/,"")}' infile > output.txt

BUT I want to selectively process the file. If the number of tabs on a line is 69, this is a legal line.

If it is less than 69, I want to remove the end of line character on that line, take the next line, append it to the end of the first line.

At the risk of looking stupid, but perhaps explaining the problem a bit more, I was reading this forum and was able to almost fix the file. In almost every record, a "good" line has a tab preceding the eol character. By brute force, the script below almost solves my problem:

1) changes all Unix eol to Mac eol
2) uses sed to change "tab+eol" to a string
3) uses sed to change remaining "eol" to a different string
4) reverses step 2
5) reverses step 1

I was pleased that I figured this out, but the awk command at the end made me realize that there were in fact a very small number (a few hundred in a million line file) that did not fit the pattern; they were "good" lines and had fields all to the final field. This means I am back to square one, sort of. If I could figure out the question I posed at the top, I could skip this brute force method. If I am stuck with below, I can still manually fix the remaining stray lines.

LC_CTYPE=C tr -d "\n" < test.txt > test2.txt
gsed -e 's/^I^M/#####ABCDE/g' test2.txt > test3.txt
gsed -e 's/^M/ ABCDE##### /g' test3.txt > test4.txt
gsed -e 's/#####ABCDE/^I^M/g' test4.txt > test5.txt
LC_CTYPE=C tr "\r" "\n" <test5.txt > test6.txt
awk '{print gsub(/\t/,"")}' test6.txt > test6tabs.txt

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Not sure I understand your problem correctly. If you define FS, the input field separator for awk, to be TAB, NF == 70will indicate a correct line, no matter what the eol char is, and $NF=="" will indicate that "tab+eol" sequence.
So, whenever NF != 70, add the next line to your current line, e.g. by the getline function, and your requirement should be fulfilled.
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