Compare two date columns in same file

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Old 03-07-2014
Compare two date columns in same file

Hi All,

Need to compare two date columns from the filname FinalDate.txt. My data's are like below

HTML Code:
 1/3/2012   1/3/2012   5000    
 6/21/2011  6/25/2011  6000
 2/28/2011  2/28/2011  7000
 7/16/2010  8/16/2010  8000  
 7/14/2010  10/26/2010 9000
 2/13/2012  2/13/2012  10000
 8/22/2011  10/12/2011  11000
 1/18/2012  5/28/2012  12000
 Expected Output:

If D_EXP_STR column is date greater than D_OT_START date column then I need to print the Amount column as output.

Kindly help me how can I achieve this result.
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Old 03-07-2014
I couldn't exactly understand your question.
if you want to print amount if D_EXP_STR > D_OT_START then, you will get the below output

Anyways, if this is your requirement, below is the code
awk 'NR > 1 {split($1, a, "/"); split($2, b, "/"); ex = (b[3] b[1] b[2]); ot = (a[3] a[1] a[2]); if((ot/1000) < (ex/1000)) {print $3}}' FinalDate.txt

awk '{split($1, a, "/"); split($2, b, "/"); if((b[3] b[1] b[2])/1000 > (a[3] a[1] a[2])/1000) print $3}' FinalDate.txt

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Old 03-07-2014
Thanks Srini for your reply. I will check tomorrow and update the statusSmilie
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Old 03-07-2014
Another one...
while read date1 date2 data
   [[ $date1 =~ ^D ]] && continue
   [[ $(date +%s -d $date2) -gt $(date +%s -d $date1) ]] && echo $data
done < infile


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