Unable to automate telnet login

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Old 03-05-2014
Unable to automate telnet login

i have to connect windows server from one of the unix box so i am using telnet and below is my following code
cmd1=mkdir test1234
( echo open ${host} ${port}
sleep 1
echo ${log}
sleep 3
echo "\r\n"
sleep 3
echo ${pass}
sleep 5
echo "\r\n"
sleep 3
echo ${cmd1}
sleep 1
echo exit ) | telnet

and now when i run this in the unix it is taking user id and the next password is showing empty and finally its displaying like LOGN failue: unknown username or bad password.

i dont have expect installed in my unix box so using this approach to automate.

can anyone please help me.

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Old 03-05-2014
No, you can't do it like this. You would have to use a tool like expect, but even so, this isn't the best way. Two main alternatives exist:-
  • rsh/resh/remsh/rlogin
  • ssh
The first set uses plain ASCII text over the network to shake hands with a server that will accept your connection. It must be offering the service of course. You would set up a .rhosts file for the user you are connecting to.
The second is better in many ways and should be preferred if your server offers SSH. You can set up a key-pair and authenticate the client connection request and then usage is much easier and the connection is encrypted (data compression built in if you have lots of output)

What client and server OS and versions are you operating. Do you have any of these services available on the server, or is it really just telnet?

It also depends what you are trying to achieve. is it a true interactive login, or running a command on the server?

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Old 03-05-2014
What do you need to do on the windows box?

If you just want to transfer files could you use samba or smbclient?

How about running a scheduled task (java, vbscript or the like) to perform the operations on the windows box save the result to a file and then get unix to pick it up using smbclient?
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Old 03-14-2014
sorry for the delay in reply as i was out of office.
tried the alternates provided by you...
rsh iand ssh s not working as it need s a third party in windows to interpret. and when iam trying with resh and remsh its says "a remote has refused an attempt to connecting...."

i am trying to achieve the following:
i have a excel sheet which contains Macros in that and that macros need to be triggered from the unix environemnet.as soon as a process completed in unix at the same time i need to trigger the vb script or a batch script which in turn triggers macro.

any suggestions to move futher is appreciated.
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Old 03-14-2014
By default a PC (or server) will not respond to ssh ftp etc even if you had software installed...
Merely because you may have to look at its internal firewall and to respond, software isnt enough, you need the related services to run... You wont be able to do anything before you have the service running...
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Old 03-14-2014
can i get the following info?
i know i can achieve this by using expect.
if i install expect module does spawn and send command works or do i need to instal anythng else arpart from this to make spwan and send work?
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Old 03-14-2014
Can you perform this task manually?

If you can, then you can use expect to automate it. If you cannot, then expect will not get you anything more.

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