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Old 03-03-2014
You did not upload your input file as I requested.

You did not tell us what operating system and version you're using as I requested.

You did not show us the output you are trying to get as I requested.

If your input file is encoded using ASCII and your locale has a collating order that matches ASCII unsigned character ordering, the simple command:
sort -o x.sorted x.raw

should do what I think you're trying to do. (And, on Mac OS X, it does.)

If the command:
sort -o x.sorted x.raw

or the command:
LC_ALL=C sort -t '|' -k1,1 -o x.sorted x.raw

doesn't produce the output:
Host=Fedora20.Bachelor           |          |                       scan from|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
1to8.txt                         |20140223 0056|25d55ad283aa400af464c76d713c07ad|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23/md5-c
DATE1                            |20140223 0056|e0167034133516d3ad5d61a09bae8156|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
DATE2                            |20140223 0056|e606fe0237c786174d2087090f81644a|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
a.txt                            |20140223 0056|933222b19ff3e7ea5f65517ea1f7d57e|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23/md5-c
alpha.txt                        |20140223 0056|83e065ac9ed97eca51391c20e9671373|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23/md5-c
crc32.c                          |20140223 0056|4d7a5dbb246898ff9d3ba19c0ded7f5b|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
crc32.h                          |20140223 0056|c15674694592358889120712db73be69|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
crc32.o                          |20140301 1912|10a49aede5f82d00205c1f89a8931731|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
daycalc.c                        |20140223 0056|1dd882b48e5c156748aba7fb38dbba51|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
dirdepth                         |20140301 1912|9f2ff1bd8b133ca0de8d124ad7d761d2|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
dirdepth.c                       |20140223 0056|a7c3f1c02245aec9a1b651e11018ff82|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
dirent.h                         |20140223 0056|1906fd554bf036fdf6ffd0b054ca321d|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
empty.txt                        |20140223 0056|d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23/md5-c
gcc.txt                          |20140223 0056|b8917c1a087abbf74f0294dad9cbf698|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
inih_r27.tar                     |20140223 0056|a8da6db331c8fe638cbb8c6940ce303e|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
inih_r28Dec16.00.tar             |20140223 0056|6fe6356f0ba2e501c2713958f119d493|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
itcrftn.c                        |20140223 0056|b1f1444cfdc35b6427ad3b002a176e9f|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23
log.txt                          |20140223 0056|187c3fdbde0febf71257f0c0da9e21e7|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23/md5-c
makefile                         |20140223 0056|26955e927da56d1343af738a247b87e1|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23/md5-c
makefile                         |20140301 1912|02c8266eb8c3d3b52eabb30378ef9895|/home/leslie/Development/scandirFeb23

(which is what I think you're trying to get) when the 1st two characters of the first and last fields on the 1st line are <space><backspace>, I don't know what else to suggest. Both of the above commands produce this output when using sort on Mac OS X and should produce the same output on any system with a sort utility that conforms to the standards.

Are you sure that you don't have an alias in place for sort that is adding options you don't want in this case? (What output do you get from the command: type sort?)
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Old 03-05-2014
To All

I tried each of the examples you presented and I want to thank you for the help.

You asked for an uploaded file, and one is attached.

To upload, I had to change a filename from x.raw to x.txt

The line I confirmed worked on my system was the one proposed. It is the

LC_ALL=C sort -t '|' -k1,1 -o x.sorted x.txt

and it works. I am delighted.

I was not aware of how to specify the LC_ALL=C or its significance.

Here is the slightly larger file I was using (from the same population)

To upload, as I mentioned, I had to change the upload filename to x.txt x.txt

I intend to put the scanner into the public FOSS domain.

The purpose of the scanner is to obtain a checksum (md5 or sha1, or crc32) of all files beneath a given directory.

A blacklist facility to omit some subdirectories is part of the scanner.

Why do this? Auditors where I was working wanted to detect changes in production files (ERP object or source code). The scanner would be run daily (auditors did not require realtime notices), they wanted proof that any software implementation followed corporate implementation rules.

This software was developed on my own computers in my home.

Want a source copy? Just ask for one. Want to collaborate to extend it? ditto.

Thank you all,


PS. My response was late. Your messages were filtered into SPAM. I check SPAM every few days and that is why today, now, I am responding.

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