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Old 03-26-2014
Originally Posted by Ravichander
Hi Don !

Thanks for your valubale time and analysis ! I have made the requirement simple :

I have extracted the amount column alone into a seperate file and the data pattern of the same will be like the one shown below:


The maximum amount value in the file is :


Now, I need to take the absolute of the amount and then I need to sum it up. The total number of records will be around 7 million.

Kindly help me with a code to fulfill the above requirement.

I have supplied code that meets all of your requirements. You claim that my code doesn't work but have given absolutely no evidence that it does not work.

Please create a small database (with a dozen records instead of 7 million records) and show us the actual values in ALL of the records, the results produced by my code, and the results produced by your database. Without data that we can verify, there is nothing more we can do for you.
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