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Old 02-21-2014
Copying files from parent directory only


Please can someone assist on a issue I am having.

I want to find specific files in the parent directory only that have been modified over the last 2 days and copy them to another location.
NOTE: The version of AIX I am using does not have MAXDEPTH.

I have currently written the below which works but keeps also looking at the subdirectories; Assistance appreciated.
/usr/bin/find . -mtime -2 -name "*.afp*" -type f -exec cp -p "{}" $COP_DIR \; >/dev/null 2>&1

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Old 02-21-2014
Try -prune if max-depth is not supported:

find ./* -prune -type f

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Old 02-21-2014
Please use code tags.

and if you want to just find the regular files, you can use the -f option of find.

/usr/bin/find . -mtime -2 -name "*.afp*" -type f -exec cp -p "{}" $COP_DIR \; >/dev/null 2>&1

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Old 02-21-2014
may you could use a pipeline and a greo after the find command executed.
like this
/usr/bin/find . -mtime -2 -name "*.afp*" -type f |grep -v '/.*/'

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