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Old 02-12-2014
RedHat Compare files in directories with md5sum

And not to start. I can compare files, that's easy. The problem is that I compare files in a directory, and check if these files exist in another directory. The problem is that the file names are not the same. So I have to compare with "md5sum" or something similar. How I can do?

All this in python.

Thanks! Smilie
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Old 02-12-2014
And not to start.
I don't understand this sentence, but ignoring that, the logic seems to be like this for me:-
  • Find all the files in your first directory. For each one, get the checksum and write a line in a work-file.
  • Find all the files in your first directory. For each one, get the checksum and check if it matches one recorded in the work-file.
I could do this in shell script, but I cannot assist with a Python.

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Old 02-13-2014
Sorry, my English is not good.

I can also use bash.

I have downloaded some files from a url.

Files are downloaded to a directory.

wget  --mirror --no-check-certificate --no-directories --no-host-directories -l1 htts://

rm -f index.html

I now compare the files (they may not have the same name and be identical).

There is where'm lost and do not know how.

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Old 02-13-2014
So, from my suggested logic above (if that's acceptable) :-
find 1st-directory -type f -exec md5sum {} \; > /tmp/1st_list
find 2nd-directory -type f -exec md5sum {} \; > /tmp/2nd_list

This will get you two files containing the file-names and the md5-checksums. You can then compare the files with diff but the output can be a bit messy. It's neater to run two commands. The following will get you files in the second list that do not match those in the first list:-
grep -vFf /tmp/1st_list /tmp/2nd_list

You can reverse this to get those in the first list that are not in the second (i.e. you might not have all the files):-
grep -vFf /tmp/2nd_list /tmp/1st_list

If the filenames are not important (but I rather think that they are) then you can get just the checksums like this:-
cut -f1 /tmp/1st_list > /tmp/1st_md5_only
cut -f1 /tmp/2nd_list > /tmp/2nd_md5_only

You can then show what files from your second directory are not in the first:-
grep -vFf /tmp/1st_md5_only /tmp/2nd_list

or reverse it to show what files from the first directory are missing from the second:-
grep -vFf /tmp/2nd_md5_only /tmp/1st_list


The grep command is 'Get Regular ExPression', so it's a way to select rows of data.
  • The -v flag means to negate the selection
  • The -F flag uses Fixed strings, else they are interpreted as expressions.
  • The -f flag uses the next item as an input file to compare to.
  • The last item is the file to scan.

I hope that this helps, but if you are still concerned, then let us know your results.

There is a good chance that you will have the same filename in the two lists with different checksums if they are downloaded at different times as fixes are released.


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Old 02-17-2014
Thank you all for your support. At the end I resolved well.
for a in `ls *.TXT`; do
   if [ -f $RECIBIDOS$a ]
     rm -f $a



And then processes and files.

Thanks again for your help.

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Old 02-17-2014
You are just going to delete files if the name matches here. I thought that you were not concerned about matching names, but wanted to find duplicate files, hence the md5sum tests.

Oh well, so long as you are happy and you have a working solution.

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Old 02-17-2014
Honestly, it's a temporary solution. When you can be able to compare files using md5sum, then I'll change the script.

Of course I prefer to use the md5sum method.
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