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Old 02-06-2014
String match, with perl command

 cat clinvar_00-latest.vcf | perl -aF/\\t/ -lne '/CLNSRCID=(\d+)/ and print join("\t",@F[0,1,1,3,4],$1)'  > OMIM.txt

The above code finds the text CLNSRCID=, but only outputs those records in which there is a numerical value only.

For example, the first match is CLNSRCID=103320.0001 in line 4 of the input (clinvar_00-latest.vcf), so the out below, (which is correct), is:

1 985955 985955 G C 103320

However, line 29051 is missed (presimaably because of the text) CLNSRCID=NBK1124|176876.0003

(desired output)
12 112915523 112915523 A G NBK1124|176876

Can the code be modified so these lines are included? I have included the input (clinvar_00-latest.vcf) and the output as of now (OMIM.txt). Thanks.

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Old 02-07-2014
perl -aF/\\t/ -lne '/CLNSRCID=((?:\w+?\|)*\d+)/ and print join("\t",@F[0,1,1,3,4],$1)' clinvar_00-latest.vcf  > OMIM.txt

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