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Windows exe file fails when triggered from ssh

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Windows exe file fails when triggered from ssh


I am triggering a windows exe file using the below command.

ssh user@remoteserver command.exe -option1:xx /option2:yy

This command is working fine from windows command prompt. When I am triggering the same command from ssh I get the error message cant load
QBWMAINN: Could not load ZIP4_W32 -- OK
Any ideas to deal with this situation?


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I fixed this issue by routing the command through windows command prompt and using the command start. but now the difficulty is the program starts but the screen is not held but released. So, I am not able to figure out a way to see how to check if the command is still running or now.
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Not sure how you are actually running your command are you trying
ssh user@remoteserver cmd.exe /C yourcommand.exe -option1:xx /option2:yy

If yourcommand.exe is a windows GUI executable you may have some issues running it from and ssh session. The sshd process is likely to be running as a windows service and GUI components are not typically allowed to be spawned services.
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