[Solved] Simple Shellscript for uploading files to a specific folder on a ftp-server?

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Old 02-03-2014
[Solved] Simple Shellscript for uploading files to a specific folder on a ftp-server?

Iam using my D-link DNS-320 (NAS) with fun_plug installed (a unix client)

I am currently using cron to run a shellscript running a java-application that creates a couple of txt files.

These files needs to be uploaded to a specific folder on my webhosts ftp server-account.

I need a simple shellscript that does this, (to be scheduled as a cron-job)

Iam some what of a novice regarding this so simple answers and examples is greatly appreciated :-)
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Old 02-03-2014
Have you searched the forums?
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Old 02-03-2014
Yes I have tried a bunch of these scripts, but I havent got anyone working, thats why I started a new thread =)
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Old 02-03-2014
I have tried a bunch of these scripts, but I havent got anyone working
The point isthe tasks are not all that simple, and cannot help if you dont give more information so the best would be to find a simple ftp script, adapt it, THEN come here and submit the issue with all needed information like logs error messages etc... Then we can methodically try to help you solve...
Q1 : Are you trying to use the true FTP ?
Q2 : Is you NAS on the same network
Q3 : Has your NAS some firewall activated?
Q4: etc....
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Old 02-03-2014
Q4: What have you achieved so far?
Q5: ...

Either way, i'd assume that the generation of those text files from the java-app should be the 'very same' script that parses them after...
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Old 02-03-2014
Ok thanks for your helpSmilie Im sorry if there was a lot of information missing, we live and we learn;-)

The script that seems to match my needs is:

HOST=ftp.server.com  #This is the FTP servers host or IP address.
USER=(myftpusername)             #This is the FTP user that has access to the server.
PASS=mypassword          #This is the password for the FTP user.

# Call 1. Uses the ftp command with the -inv switches.  -i turns off interactiv$

ftp -inv $HOST << EOF

# Call 2. Here the login credentials are supplied by calling the variables.

user $USER $PASS

# Call 3. Here you will change to the directory where you want to put or get
cd /public_html/fotosupport.se/Nigge

# Call4.  Here you will tell FTP to put or get the file.
put test.txt


When I run it I get the following:
./ftpscript.sh: line 22: warning: here-document at line 9 delimited by end-of-file (wanted `EOF')
ftp: invalid option -- i
ftp V1.00.10182010
start : start ftp server
stop : stop ftp server
restart : restart ftp server
reload : reload ftp.xml from disk
create-link : user change group need to re-create all link
write-magic-number : write ftp magic to mtd , hd
show : show ftp share list
-A : Add command
-D : Del command
-M : Modify command
-R : Remove command
-n : ftp share name
-p : ftp share path
-r : read list
-w : write list
-d : deny access list
-c : clean ftp share
-h : help
-x : add block IP. EX: ftp -x xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,1/0(type), 1~31(days)
-z : remove blocked IP
-b : setting blocking duration
-t : setting monitor ftp retry in period
-E : enable/disable anonymous user access ftp
-u : user or group
-a : attribute(0->calcel ,1->R , 2->R/W 3->denny access
ftp start , ftp stop , ftp restart , ftp reload
ex: ftp -A -n abc -p /mnt/HD/HD_a2/123 -r "#a1#" -w "#a2#,#a3#" -d ""
ex: ftp -D -n abc
ex: ftp -M -n abc -r "#a1#" -w "#a2#,#a3#" -d ""
ex: ftp -M -n abc -u a1 -a 1
ex: ftp -R -u a1
And once again, thanks a lot for your help:-)
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Old 02-03-2014
Look at line 2 of your log. Seems like you are using an incompatible ftp- version.
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