Shell script help to execute ssh remote commands

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Old 01-31-2014
Shell script help to execute ssh remote commands


The below command is not giving me the count , Can somebody help me in re-writing this pls .

Proc_Exist=`ssh -q -o "BatchMode=yes" -o "PasswordAuthentication=no" $OAUSER@${Primary_Node} ps -ef |
 grep -v grep | grep "${ICM_Proc}" |wc -l `

Also the same problem with below command as well .

ssh -q -o "BatchMode=yes" -o "PasswordAuthentication=no" $OAUSER@${Primary_Node} 
""$ADMIN_SCIRPTS_HOME/ stop apps/${AppsPass}" 
|| "$COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/${CONTEXT_NAME}/ stop apps/${AppsPass}""

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Old 01-31-2014
From the manual pages on RHEL 6.3 (you don't say what you have, so yours may be different:-
-q Quiet mode. Causes most warning and diagnostic messages to be suppressed.
Might you be suppressing your output?

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Old 01-31-2014
You must put the remote command in quotes, so the local shell sees a string.
E.g. in double-quotes so "$var" is substituted in the string (on the local host).
Proc_Exist=`ssh -q -o "BatchMode=yes" -o "PasswordAuthentication=no" $OAUSER@${Primary_Node} "ps -ef 
| grep -v grep | grep '${ICM_Proc}' |wc -l" `

ssh -q -o "BatchMode=yes" -o "PasswordAuthentication=no" $OAUSER@${Primary_Node} 
"$ADMIN_SCIRPTS_HOME/ stop apps/${AppsPass} 
|| $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/${CONTEXT_NAME}/ stop apps/${AppsPass}"

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Old 02-03-2014

I'd like to execute .profile as well as i need this variable ${AppsPass} value to be substituted variables dynamically but the below code is not executing it properly.

ssh -q -o BatchMode=yes -o PasswordAuthentication=no XXXXXXXX@XXXXXXX '. ~/.profile 
2>/dev/null;${ADMIN_SCIRPTS_HOME}/ stop apps/${AppsPass} 
||${COMMON_TOP}/admin/scripts/${CONTEXT_NAME}/ stop apps/${AppsPass}'

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Old 02-03-2014
You might be better to have a script on the target server that:-
  1. Calls .profile
  2. Executes the command
That way, your ssh is kept neater. Is this an option, or will there be a wide variety of calls, of which this is a test case, and you might want to repeat it for many other target servers.

It's all in the quoting to make sure that the right shell evaluates the variables.

What errors are you getting back?
Can you simplify the ssh call to just display what would be executed so you can see what is getting passed where, and as what value?

Perhaps something more like:-
ssh username@target '. ./.profile ; print "ADMIN_SCIRPTS_HOME=$ADMIN_SCIRPTS_HOME

Of course, you might just have a spelling mistake in ADMIN_SCIRPTS_HOME and that would be an easy fix.

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Old 02-03-2014
Originally Posted by Y.balakrishna


ADMIN_SCIRPTS_HOME should be ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME, or did you misspell this everywhere in your application ?
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Old 02-03-2014
Hi Robin,

Yes,I'm calling .profile and executing ssh command in one line but as per my experience i've to include .profile in single quotes only then it works but otherway around in dobule quotes variables are not getting expanded because of single quotes.

I've tried even simpler. As i said above problem with single quotes and double quotes Smilie

stop=`$COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/ stop apps/$AppsPass`
ssh -q -o BatchMode=yes -o PasswordAuthentication=no XXXX@XXXXXX '. ~/.profile 2>/dev/null; "${stop}"'

./ line 2: /admin/scripts/XXXXXXXX/ No such file or directory

I've fixed Admin_scripts_home spelling already sorry that was a typo above.


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