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Old 01-30-2014
Mailx - Adding timestamp in CSV file

Hi allI am mailing csv file to our lotusnote server using shell script. I am using command to get require date/time :
date +"%d%b%y-%X%p"

File name is :TESTFILE-29Jan14-09:00:00AM.csv.When I am receving this on lotusnote server coming as "00AM.csv" rest of the string is getting truncated. I feel due to ":" problem is coming but I need to maintain same format. Is it possible ?I am on SunSoloris Unix Server.Thanks

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Old 01-30-2014
I would suggest to set xtrace / verbose and run your shell script to make sure that it is not getting truncated within the script:
#!/bin/ksh -xv

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