Printing filenames in my current directory

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Old 01-29-2014
Lightbulb Printing filenames in my current directory

Can someone give me a tip on writing a script that, for each file in the working directory, prints the filename, the # of lines, and the # of words to stdout?
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Old 01-29-2014
TIP: wc.

If this is homework, you need to post in the homework forum and provide the required information.

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Old 01-30-2014
Welcome flash123. Can I ask:-
  • What have you tried so far?
  • What's your logic so far?
  • What Operating System and version are you working on?
  • What language/tools would you prefer to write it?
Most importantly,
  • what have you tried so far?

Consider that a script is collection of commands that are either in sequence, in a loop or a condition. Build you logic, reduce it to smaller and smaller steps then work out how to complete each step.

Show us how far you get and where you are stuck and you might get some assistance to help you along. It is better for you to learn than to get a fully working solution to use/show.

TIP: ls

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