[BASH] (own) command is not a valid identifier

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Old 01-28-2014
Bug [BASH] (own) command is not a valid identifier

Heya fellows

Yes, script-tools and TUI are both my 'children', so i cant go anywhere (else) and ask for help/bugfixes as i need to write them myself.

However i do need help to understand error messages at times (or get hints what else might cause them), so here we go:

Since my new computer is using UEFI, i finaly figured the following command to be useless without some slight modifications.
Anyhow, arguments are finaly parsed properly again, and when bash told me fileXY:line##, the error was there.

But not this one, see yourself: (lines starting with '# | ' are the 'TUI' interface, and tui-str-ask was (3 months ago) renamed to tui-bol-yesno which is a file (command) and not just a function...

[sea@localhost ~]$ st tweak grub2 update
# | Script-Tools (0.9.0)                                                                                2014.01.28 18:21:54 | #
# |                                                      Update GRUB2                                                       | #
# | Requires root access!                                                                                              FAIL | #
[sea@localhost ~]$ sudo st tweak grub2 update
........../usr/share/script-tools/functions/system.isQuestions: line 84: `tui-str-ask': not a valid identifier
[sea@localhost ~]$ grep tui-str-ask /usr/share/script-tools/functions/system.isQuestions
[sea@localhost ~]$

While system.isQuestions looks like:

Just to prove its not the file 'update':
tui-title "Update GRUB2"
[ ! 0 -eq $UID ] && tui-echo "Requires root access!" "FAIL" && return 1

current_distro=$(distro|awk '{print $1}')

[ -f $grub_efi ] && OUTFILE=$grub_efi || OUTFILE=/boot/grub2/grub.cfg

grub2-mkconfig -o $OUTFILE

Actualy, what irritates me the most is:
1) it seems to be caused by root
2) the file /usr/share/script-tools/functions/system.isQuestions doesnt even contain the string 'tui-str-ask'.

So even when calling the program without any args it applies, depending upon root/user-level..
[sea@localhost ~]$ st
# | Script-Tools (0.9.0)                                                                                2014.01.28 18:50:38 | #
# |                                                                                                                         | #
# | Please choose a section. Or go back to exit.                                                                            | #
 1) Back
 2) conf
 3) dev
 4) fas
 5) iso
 6) net
 7) sa
 8) set
 9) ts
10) tweak
#? ^C
[sea@localhost ~]$ sudo st
........../usr/share/script-tools/functions/system.isQuestions: line 84: `tui-str-ask': not a valid identifier
[sea@localhost ~]$

[root@localhost script-tools]# pwd
[root@localhost script-tools]# for item in $(du|awk '{print $2}');do grep "tui-str-ask" $item/*;done

Reports simply that each entry was not a file (note that i had used this code just a few minutes earlier to find other bugs - which are solved now).

Any ideas please?
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Old 01-28-2014
The error may be caused by whatever program was using system.isQuestions -- perhaps a function definition never got closed or something.
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Old 01-28-2014
If that was case, wouldnt there be lots of (follow up) errors (of other functions called) and 'normal user' usage be affected too (and not just root)?
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Old 01-28-2014
Depends what that code is. Which, at this point, I have no idea.
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Old 01-28-2014
rofl? :doh: Smilie
It seems 'disabling' the ask function in system.isQuestion solved it...

Just figured i try this, since script-tools' - 'ask' is replaced by tui-bol-yes, i could remove it from script-tools source code...
Weird, i would have expected a diffrent error text.. (but then again, i wouldnt know what)

Sorry for the trouble and thank you

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