Create a specific bash to increase the automatic update on my pi

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Old 01-18-2014
Create a specific bash to increase the automatic update on my pi

hi everyone,
I just began to be interested about the bash access.
I buy a time ago a Raspberry pi, I installed raspbmc and now I would like build a bash to copy everyday all new files inside my server directly on the hard drive in my Pi.

So my HDD is directly plug on my pi with usb connect, the server is connected on the pi too with internet acces, I can already see and copy the files between the two folder.

the bash I would like should be find all files younger than 24h, everyday in the same h and copy all inside a hdd folder.

I find some about this but I'm not good with code, so if anyone can help me I'll be very interested. Smilie
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Old 01-18-2014
Show us the commands you use to "see and copy the files" between the two directories.
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Old 01-18-2014
thx for your interest, I'm not sure how I can show you the code cause I use the xbmc copy, maybe with ssh acces or something like this.

for the moment I find this to choise only the younger files:

find . -ctime -1

I looking everywhere to find all thing I need after that still have to understand how mix all to creat a bash. Smilie

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ssh files acces say :

programs included with Debian GNU/Linux system

maybe that can help
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Old 01-18-2014
This simple thing to do is take what you do manually and put it in a script.

If you will show us the commands you use to do it, we can help you write the script. If not; you're on your own.

We would expect you to change actual passwords in your code to something like "password" and that you could then figure out how to change that to your real password if we provide a solution for you. (We would also expect you to modify IP addresses, host names, user names, and other personal or private data.)

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Old 01-18-2014
get it, thank you.

I looking how to open command in the same time than xbmc, or save in .txt the commands for post the copy script. Smilie
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