[Solved] Counting The Number of Lines Between Values with Multiple Variables

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Old 01-17-2014
[Solved] Counting The Number of Lines Between Values with Multiple Variables

Hey everyone,

I have a bunch of lines with values in field 4 that I am interested in.

If these values are between 1 and 3 I want it to count all these values to all be counted together and then have the computer print out

LOW and the number of lines with those values in between 1 and 3, so if there were 13 then it would be

LOW 13

Similarly, between values of 4 and 6 count the number of values and print out MEDIUM and the number of values, so if there were 50 then


And again, between 7 and 10, HIGH and the number of lines, if there were 20 values


I need all of these to happen together on one file and print out

LOW 13

I'm using awk to run these commands, but haven't really gotten anywhere. I know how to count patterns, but for some reason can't figure out what to do in this case.
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Old 01-17-2014
Try something like:
awk '
  $4>0 && $4<4 {
  $4>=4 && $4<7 {
  $4>=7 && $4<=10 {
    print "LOW",L+0 RS "MEDIUM", M+0 RS "HIGH",H+0
' file

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Old 01-17-2014
Thank you, I was easily able to adapt this to my data and it works perfectly.
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