USING sed to remove multiple strings/words from a line

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Old 01-17-2014
USING sed to remove multiple strings/words from a line

I use sed comnand to remove occurance of one workd from a line.
However I need to removed occurance of dufferent words in ne line.

Hi this is the END of my begining

sed s/"END"/"start"/g

Hi this is the start of my beginig

But I have more than one text that I need to remove on the line:

example of a line:

User Name is TOM And Application type is PLAY the position is <END>

I want to remove "Name is" as well as "type is" as well as "<END>"

Output Should look like this:

User TOM And Application PLAY the position is

I can do several SED commands .. but there must be an easy way to combine all this into one sed command?

How do u combine multiple strings to be replaced into one line?

Thanking you in advance

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Old 01-17-2014
sed 's/whatever/something/g;s/whateverelse/somethingelse/g' myFile

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Old 01-17-2014
I cannot use the ; to combine the sed command multiple times .. I'm using sed in context of a PIPE so no I tried that and that is not what I 'm looking for .. I can do lultiple PIPES .. example

cat file | sed  s/a/b/g  | sed s/c/d//g

This will not work

cat file | sed s/a/b/g;sed s/c/d//g

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there must be another way to combine the sed command???????

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Old 01-17-2014
cat file | sed 's/\(Name is\|type is\|<END>\)//g'

this should do what you want.
cat file | sed 's/\(Name is\s*\|type is\s*\|<END>\)//g

this one should remove the trailing spaces as well, if you want that

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Old 01-17-2014
There is a difference between your not working
... | sed s/a/b/g;sed s/c/d/g

and vgersh99's multiple sed commands within one sed script
... | sed 's/a/b/g; s/c/d/g'

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Old 01-17-2014
HI thanks Demios - To be exact I tried ur command .. something not going right ?

this is the command I'm using and the output

grep -i overflow server.log | sort | grep user1 
<xyzalert.1.s2ss: Info: Fri Dec 06  09:21:18 2013> User mtietjan at position on host using application 91 has been disconnected.<END>

I need to get rid of the following .1.s2ss: and < and .<END>

I tried this . .there seems to be a syntax maybe I have to escape some of the periods and special charatcer .. not sure really . .tried few different combination and not working

grep -i overflow p2ps.log | sort | grep mtietjan | sed 's/\(/.1.p2ps: Info:\|<end>\)//g'

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Old 01-17-2014
sed 's/\(\.1\.p2ps: Info:\|<END>\)//g'

LMK how it works out
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