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How to extract certs from apache ca-bundle.crt file?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to extract certs from apache ca-bundle.crt file?
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Old 01-16-2014
How to extract certs from apache ca-bundle.crt file?

Apache web server reads Certificate Authority(CA) certs from ../cert/ca-bundle.crt file for SSL authentication. It has all certs in PEM format and no way to know exactly what they are. I want to get each cert seperated by boundary strings into a file and feed it to "keytool" command to see what each cert is.

# some comments
some more text
# some empty lines or empty lines with spaces
some text
lot of text here

I have around 60 of those blocks with different number of lines between each boundary. I want to read each cert block and pass it to keytool command then print it to a diffrent file to know what they are.

cat ca-bundle.crt | awk [
for each certblock begin with "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and end with "-----END CERTIFICATE-----"; do
echo "\n ---------------------------" >>allcerts.log
keytool -v -printcert -file $certblock >>allcerts.log
echo "\n ---------------------------" >>allcerts.log

can someone help with awk/nawk logic? I am using solaris8 kshell 88i version.
or some other simple split/looping to get each block so that I can feed it to keytool?

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Old 01-16-2014
Here is an approach in bash:


while read line
        if [[ "$line" =~ ^[-]*BEGIN ]]

        [[ "$line" =~ ^[-]*END ]] && flag=0

        [ $flag -eq 1 ] && keytool -v -printcert -file "$line"

done < ca-bundle.crt

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Old 01-16-2014
Yoda, are you sure that code will work I thought the -file option of keytool required a filesystem file, and I believe ca-bundle.crt will contain encoded keyblocks eg:


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Old 01-16-2014
It won't work. Please disregard my code.
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Old 01-16-2014
This might do the job:

awk '
/----BEGIN/ {v=$0}
  print v > "tmp.crt"
  system("keytool -v -printcert -file tmp.crt >> allcerts.log")
  print "\n--------------------------" >> "allcerts.log"
  v=x}' ca-bundle.crt

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Old 01-17-2014
with awk I am getting syntax error @line#2. So I tried it with "/usr/xpg4/bin/awk", that is creating tmp.crt with only

Then I tried it with nawk, it worked like a charm.
Since there are some certs in a commented state I have added additional condition to filter all commented lines.
nawk 'v{v=v"\n"$0}!/^#/ && /----BEGIN/ {v=$0}/----END/&&v{  print v > "tmp.crt"  close("tmp.crt")  system("keytool -v -printcert -file tmp.crt >> allcerts.log")  print "\n--------------------------" >> "allcerts.log"  close("allcerts.log")  v=x}' ca-bundle.crt

If I remove v at the start of second line output shows commented certs, with v at the start of second line output does not show commented lines.
What is that first "v" doing at the second line?
I can pre-filter comments from ca-bundle.crt, but I am curious to know the reason behind behaviour I am noticing with nawk.

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Old 01-20-2014
The line v{v=v"\n"$0} translates to: if v has a value assigned then append current line to v

This causes the script to ignore all lines until a "-----BEGIN" line is seen, at which point v is set to "------BEGIBN CERTIFICATE-------" and will be appended with each line from the input until "------END" is seen.
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