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Old 01-16-2014
Need help with ksh

I have the following file:

one two three four
man women
yes no place togo
bad sleep

I need to move all lines that have only two words(columns) in a separate file and the rest in a separate file...

I used :
for $linecont in $(cat $filename); do
echo $linecont > temp
line1='cat temp|awk -F ' ' '{print $3;}'`
if [$line1 = ""] then
echo $linecont > file2
echo $linecont > file4

This did not work for me ...

Please help.

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Old 01-16-2014

awk 'NF==2{print > "file2"; next}{print > "file4"}' $filename

Or using the shell:

while read line
   set -- $line
   if [ $# -eq 2 ]
      echo "$line" >> file2
      echo "$line" >> file4
done < $filename

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Old 01-16-2014
I think you can use below one to get required output.
awk '{if(NF==2) print $0}' <file_name>

awk '{if(NF!=2) print $0}' <file_name>


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Old 01-16-2014
Thanks Chubler_XL!
thanks Srikanth.

Any reason why my code did not work?
The reason why I used my method:
My goal is to create two files from file4:

select one from two;
select yes from no;

select three from four;
select place from togo;


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Old 01-16-2014
There are quite a few issues with the your existing code.

Avoid using cat when commands accept a file name, or you can direct file straight to them. This didn't cause anything to fail to do what you wanted, but is poor form and wastes processing power invoking the cat executable.

echo $linecont > temp
This strips any multiple white space from output you should quote the line to protect spaces like echo "$linecont" > temp

if [$line1 = ""] then
You need to quote $line1 here otherwise if it's blank the file expression will complain about = "" is not valid syntax.

echo $linecont > file2
This will not append to the file and will just keep the list line found use ">>" to append but you must empty/remove any old files at start of your program.

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Old 01-16-2014

Could you please read you file using while loop, below code is working.

while read linecont
line1=`echo $linecont|awk -F ' ' '{print $3;}'`
if [ "$line1" = "" ] 
echo $linecont >> file2
echo $linecont >> file4

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Old 01-16-2014
Thanks for your reply:
when I used your notation:
awk 'NF==2{print > $file1; next}{print > $file2}' $filename

it does not work with file variables, what I do wrong?

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