Pattern match using grep between two files

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Old 01-12-2014
Pattern match using grep between two files

Hello Everyone ,

I have two files. I want to pick line from file-1 and match with the complete data in file-2 , if there is a match print all the match lines in file 3. Below is the file

 cat test1.txt
j ain
#  33
||@@ vcpzxcmvhvdsh
dsfdvfdbsvfds judfdsjgfds

cat test2.txt
j ain123

This is my shell script


while read line

egrep '$line' ./test2.txt >> match_vikas_new.txt
done <"$file"

I have trying to get this working but no luck. Apprcieate if you could guide me on this!

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Old 01-12-2014
It seems to me you have the order of the files reversed and the variable $line cannot be expanded between to single quotes, you need double quotes.

Another way may be:
grep -Ff test2.txt test1.txt

The -F option forces fixed strings instead of regular expressions.
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