Facing problem while printing accurate decimal value

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Old 01-08-2014
Bug Facing problem while printing accurate decimal value


I have a file tp.txt having below data
CE2DD,N,5055,16.12.2013,3.114,12195.89,MVR,003388,Web::00000005055,Web Payment

and i am using below code to print the values
for var_amt_pay in `awk -F',' '{ arr[$1","$5","$8] += $6} END {for (i in arr) {print i "," arr[i] } }' tp.txt`
    code=`echo $var_amt_pay | awk -F',' '{ print $1 }'`
    cust=`echo $var_amt_pay | awk -F',' '{ print $2 }'`
    num=`echo $var_amt_pay | awk -F',' '{ print $3 }'`
    amt=`echo $var_amt_pay | awk -F',' '{ print $4 }'`
   echo "amt is :"$amt

it is giving the output as amt is :12195.9 instead of amt is :12195.89
Please help how can i get the output as 12195.89


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Old 01-08-2014
Here is a way to get what you want

$ echo "CE2DD,N,5055,16.12.2013,3.114,12195.89,MVR,003388,Web::00000005055,Web Payment" | \
awk -F',' '{ arr[$1","$5","$8] += $6} END {for (i in arr) print i "," sprintf("%5.2f",arr[i])  }'

$ echo "CE2DD,N,5055,16.12.2013,3.114,12195.89,MVR,003388,Web::00000005055,Web Payment" | \
awk -F',' '{ arr[$1","$5","$8] += $6} END {for (i in arr) print i "," arr[i]}' CONVFMT="%5.2f"

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Old 01-08-2014
By the way why do you even need a for loop and several pipes to awk to do all these?

You could do the whole thing in one awk program:
awk -F, '
        BEGIN {
                CONVFMT = "%.2f"
                A[$1 FS $5 FS $8] += $6
        END {
                for ( k in A )
                        split ( k, R )
                        print "Code: " R[1]
                        print "Cust: " R[2]
                        print "Nume: " R[3]
                        print "Amnt: " A[k]
' tp.txt

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