Help to Modify File Name in each function before calling another function.

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Old 01-06-2014
Help to Modify File Name in each function before calling another function.

I have a script which does gunzip, zip and untar.

Input to the script is file name and file directory (where file is located)

I am reading the input parameters as follows:

I have created 3 functions that are as follows:

1) gunzip file
2) unzip file
3) untar file

Say suppose the file name received is as follows:
I would to modify the file name to "" after gunzip is done in gunzip function is called
Now file name should become
I would to modify the file name to "mdm_ind_usa.2031.fsacm.tar" after unzip is done in unzip function is called.
Now file name should become
and after untar function

Help is appreciated in order modify the filename as required.
Please Note: File Name passed to script could have any number of "." and "_". The file name i provided is for example purpose only.
Actually file name would vary.
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Old 01-07-2014
With any shell that recognizes POSIX shell syntax (such as bash and ksh), try:
printf "Start: FILENAME=%s, FILEDIR=%s\n" "$FILENAME" "$FILEDIR"
printf "After stripping 1 extension:\tFILENAME=%s\n" "$FILENAME"
printf "After stripping 2 extensions:\tFILENAME=%s\n" "$FILENAME"
printf "After stripping 3 extensions:\tFILENAME=%s\n" "$FILENAME"

When invoked as:
tester /home/dir

it produces the output:
Start:, FILEDIR=/home/dir
After stripping 1 extension:
After stripping 2 extensions:	FILENAME=mdm_ind_usa.2031.fsacm.tar
After stripping 3 extensions:	FILENAME=mdm_ind_usa.2031.fsacm

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Old 01-07-2014
Thanks this works.!!
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