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Enable Annonymous FTP login.

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Oracle Enable Annonymous FTP login.


I am transferring my report files to another FTP server which the end users are downloading later. But while accessing the FTP server its asking for username and password which i don't want to share to the end users rather i want to make the login as anonymous so that it won't prompt for username.

Please, Can anyone guide me how to enable the anonymous login.

Thanks In Advance and a Happy New year.
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Could you write the files with one and have read-only with another account that you are prepared to share with the users, or code their application with the read-only credentials?

Just a suggestion.

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Hi Robin,

Appreciate ur way of thinking. But my intention is not to share the password with them coz they may telnet /ssh the server with the password. But using FTP only read only access has been given to the FTP . So by FTPing the site they can't even delete. But it will create problem if anyone try to ssh to the server.

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Could you set the login shell to /bin/false so that a login is ineffective, be that with telnet or SSH?


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