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Scripts for exporting backup from selected tables of Oracle DB

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Scripts for exporting backup from selected tables of Oracle DB
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Scripts for exporting backup from selected tables of Oracle DB

dear all
please help me !
i need a script for exporting the selected tables of oracle database installed on CentOs.
i waiting your response.
thanks and regards

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Could you post some more details ?

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be inform that i have a database service upon oracle that installed on centos.

when i export a full backup from db , the created export backup db have a very heavy contains volume about 28gb!
also my db have about 100 tables and one of that i dont need to be in my backup.
i want to deselect this table and then export a backup.
also i can just select any tables that i want to backup, not any tables that i dont want!
i know that i need a script for running this task. but i dont know how.
please help me!
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Could this help you ?
exp username/password@database tables=table1,table2 file=table_data.dmp

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dear parvin.
did i must to run this commands on centos bash ?
# 6  
yes , right .. run this command from command line.
# 7  
dear Parvin
did i set a schedule backup for for this command?

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