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How to read a two files, line by line in UNIX script and how to assign shell variable to awk ..?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to read a two files, line by line in UNIX script and how to assign shell variable to awk ..?
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Old 12-25-2013
How to read a two files, line by line in UNIX script and how to assign shell variable to awk ..?

Input are file and file1

file contains

file1 contains
Code: ::FFFF:BADC:CD28,::FFFF:558E:11C5,6,8,2,1,::FFFF:81C8:CA8B,::FFFF:BADC:CD28,1,0,0,0,::FFFF:81C8:11C5,2,1,0,0,::FFFF:81DC:3111,1,0,1,0
store.bal. ::FFFF:F9CC:C5B9,::FFFF:356F:73C3,4,8,7,6,::FFFF:93CC:C9CF,::FFFF:F9CC:C5B9,1,0,0,0,::FFFF:93CC:73C3,2,1,0,0,::FFFF:93CC:3371,1,0,1,0
es.product.bal. ::FFFF:F9CC:C5B9,::FFFF:356F:73C3,4,8,7,6,::FFFF:93CC:C9CF,::FFFF:F9CC:C5B9,1,0,0,0,::FFFF:93CC:73C3,2,1,0,0,::FFFF:93CC:3371,1,0,1,0
many.category.bal. ::FFFF:F9CC:C5B9,::FFFF:356F:73C3,4,8,7,6,::FFFF:93CC:C9CF,::FFFF:F9CC:C5B9,1,0,0,0,::FFFF:93CC:73C3,2,1,0,0,::FFFF:93CC:3371,1,0,1,0
comp.admin.bal. ::FFFF:732B:649F,::FFFF:23EB:6EB2,2,3,8,7,::FFFF:FE66:6367,::FFFF:732B:649F,1,0,0,0,::FFFF:FE66:6EB2,2,1,0,0,::FFFF:FE2B:FE61,1,0,1,0
admin.bal. ::FFFF:FB85:A1BE,::FFFF:BC64:B35B,9,1,5,9,::FFFF:E3A2:AB2F,::FFFF:FB85:A1BE,1,0,0,0,::FFFF:E3A2:B35B,2,1,0,0,::FFFF:E385:13B1,1,0,1,0


in above code insted of each field replace with file ... presently code is reading only one filed for ex: store.bal
cat file1|awk '{split($1,dp,"."); lend=length(dp); if(lend>2) { dom=dp[lend-2]"."dp[lend-1]; 
split($2,ipl,","); for(i=1; i<=length(ipl); i++) 
{ if(ipl[i]~/:/) { 
if(ipl[i+1]~/:/) i++; rip=ipl[i]; i++; raq=ipl[i]; rtq=0; si=i+4; 
for(;i<si;i++) rtq+=ipl[i]; rsub=""; r32ip=""; 
if(rip ~ /^::FFFF:/) { r32ip=rip; rsub=substr(rip,8,7);
print tolower(dom)"|"rip"|"r32ip"|"rsub"|"raq"|"rtq; i--}} }
 }' |awk -F "|" '{if($1=="store.bal" && $4 != "") { cnt[$4]=1; cnt2[$3]++; qc+=$6; }}

if($1=="store.bal" && $4 != "") { cnt[$4]=1; cnt2[$3]++; qc+=$6; }} in this line, instead of store.bal ,need to call file having all 4 data i.e store.bal,procut.bal,caterogy.bal and admin.bal

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Old 12-26-2013
How to read a two files, line by line in UNIX script

You can accomplish this using join command.

<Syntax>: join file.txt file1.txt

But first you need to have both the files sorted and also the first field in both the files should be exactly identical

Also please state clearly your second part of your question "how to assign shell variable to awk ..?"

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Old 12-26-2013
hi Image NickKnight,
awk -F "|" '{if($1=="store.bal" && $4 != "") { cnt[$4]=1; cnt2[$3]++; qc+=$6; }}
in stead of store.bal . it should take file .
cat $file|awk -v FILE=$file '{ print $FILE}'
awk -F "|" '{if($1=="FILE" && $4 != "") { cnt[$4]=1; cnt2[$3]++; qc+=$6; }}
END{ print $file1[1]"|"length(cnt)"|"qc; }`

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